Did you complete all of your required units for your high school diploma  (current requirements are listed below) ---

  • 4 English units
  • 4 Mathematics units
  • 3 Science units (including Biology 1 and two other science units)
  • 3 Social Studies units (including US History and the Constitution, 1 unit; US Government, 0.5 unit; Economics, 0.5 unit; and one other Social Studies unit such as World Geography/AP Human Geography)
  • 1 Computer Science unit
  • 9 elective units


Earning a South Carolina High School Diploma via Laurens County Adult Education

Laurens County Adult Education uses VirtualSC, South Carolina's free virtual school, to offer classes to students who need just a few units to earn their high school diplomas. As a small program, we are unable to offer high school classes ourselves at any of our sites.

VirtualSC offers a rigorous curriculum. All courses are college-prep classes. Students who wish to work through our program must have strong reading and computer technology skills, plus the self-discipline and ability to set aside time to work daily and meet deadlines. Students must also be willing to take the initiative to contact the     on-line teachers with questions, concerns, and technology issues that they cannot resolve themselves. 

Prior to enrolling in VirtualSC, a prospective student will need to arrange for an official transcript to be sent to our Director. 

SC High School Diploma Information

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